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Folkerth Family A Message from Pastor Eric: Sign Up for the Listening Sessions - Pastor Eric encourages you to sign up for the "Listening Sessions" at member's homes, and reminds you that he is here for you.
Folkerth Family From Pastor Eric Folkerth: July 2018 - Greetings from Pastor Eric Dear Friends, Just a brief note from me to say “thank you” for the gracious welcome to me and my family on Sunday. Everyone was gracious and kind to us all, and we are excited about our time at The Woods, and what God has in store for us all. As much as I can, I’ll Read More
from the pastor Pastor’s Message: Pastor Marie’s Farewell – May 2018 - There is Always Some Good in Goodbye — YOU!!! It’s been rightly said that the only thing guaranteed in life is change. Transitions and new seasons often come with challenges. The great thing is that God’s faithfulness is the same — yesterday, today, tomorrow, forever. God is always with us. Hallelujah! My employment and ministry here at The Woods may Read More
from the pastor Pastor’s Message: Seeing Jesus…Being Jesus – April 2018 - I had to admit it, but I just don’t see as well as I used to. I think my eyesight has taken a beating through the years. Reading, writing, hours spent watching television, and working on the computer (okay, yes, a little age) can take a toll on one’s vision. I don’t think my glasses prescription can get any stronger. Read More
from the pastor Pastor’s Message: Easter Reminds Us that Transformation Is Possible – March 2018 - “I’ve called the book Restored because restoration is the goal of the Christian life.” — Tom Berlin This book, Restored: Finding Redemption in our Mess, is what our Small Group Bible Study students are journeying through during this season of Lent. Admittedly, it is one of the best, awe-inspiring books that I have read in a while; but it is Read More
from the pastor Pastor’s Message: “I’m Not Tired Yet, Running for Jesus” – February 2018 - It’s time, church family. I don’t like good-byes. Perhaps a “see you later” will have to do. Many of you have heard that I’m retiring as a full-time elder in The United Methodist Church at this year’s Annual Conference.

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