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From Pastor Eric From Pastor Eric: September 2018 - A Message from Pastor Eric We’ve been so blessed to get to know the good folks of The Woods these past few weeks. Dennise, Maria, and I have all felt the warm welcome of the congregation. We have also enjoyed hearing what you love about your church, and also what you might wish were different about it too. I thought Read More
Folkerth Family A Message from Pastor Eric: Sign Up for the Listening Sessions - Pastor Eric encourages you to sign up for the "Listening Sessions" at member's homes, and reminds you that he is here for you.
Folkerth Family From Pastor Eric Folkerth: July 2018 - Greetings from Pastor Eric Dear Friends, Just a brief note from me to say “thank you” for the gracious welcome to me and my family on Sunday. Everyone was gracious and kind to us all, and we are excited about our time at The Woods, and what God has in store for us all. As much as I can, I’ll Read More

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