The Love of God

It is often difficult for us to fathom the “far-reaching” love of God. We do not feel worthy as we know ourselves to be sinners, people who “miss the mark.” As United Methodists, we believe that we receive God’s saving love as a free gift. We cannot buy it or earn it. After we have accepted God’s love by faith, forgiveness is available to us, allowing us to repent, to turn around and refocus on God.

We remember that Jesus hung out with sinners. He was criticized for being in fellowship with hated tax collectors and women of ill repute. He did not come to judge us, but to love us, to forgive us, and to give us freedom and a new life with meaning that we might live out our purpose as his disciples who affect change in the Kingdom of God.

God is a God of second chances. God’s love gives us hope, healing and the possibility of change.

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